Photoshop Phriday: Jake Butt

There are a lot of great players on Michigan’s team this year and lots of great named players, and fortunately some of those lists overlap.  Jake Butt, for reasons obvious to the immature 10 year old snickering inside of me, has a wonderful name.  He’s Michigan’s starting tight end and also a huge impact player.  As a true freshman last year he appeared in all of Michigan’s games and started over half of them.  Last week I went to the Michigan vs. Miami (Ohio) football game and he showed that he intends to keep up the great level of play again this year.

Jake Photoshop

Despite the 34-10 final score the game was far closer than most would have expected during the 2nd and 3rd quarters.  Late in the 3rd quarter with Michigan up just 17-10 Devin Gardner threw a pass to Butt that was almost intercepted.  Actually, it was, and Butt wrestled it away from the defender mid-air.  A few plays later, Butt slipped past the Miami secondary and hauled in a pass from Gardner for a touchdown that would provide some breathing room.  Despite being wide open Gardner almost overthrew Butt, but he managed to reel the pass in.  You can’t really blame Devin for having trouble throwing the pass though, since as this Detroit News photo shows, he threw a parmesan pepper loaf.

Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Bread

It has been quite a while, I think too long, since I posted a bread that wasn’t a sourdough.  It’s not that I only make sourdough but moreso that a lot of the yeast bread recipes I make are ones I’ve posted about before.  Just about every week I’ll make a sandwich loaf, either a light wheat or 100% whole wheat.  Last week my wife roasted a bulb of garlic to spread on bread and it made me really want to make a loaf with some.


If you haven’t roasted entire bulbs of garlic before you are really missing out.  You just cut off the top of the bulb, drizzle it with olive oil, wrap it in foil and bake it at 425 F for 45 minutes.  It makes your kitchen smell incredible and when done you can squeeze it to pop out the individual cloves of garlic which is SUPER satisfying.

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Photoshop Phriday: Jake Ryan

Last week’s Michigan football game didn’t provide too much, or anything really, worth highlighting.  So while the team prepares to hopefully clobber Miami of Ohio in front of an ever dwindling crowd I thought I would highlight one of Michigan’s fifth year seniors, Jake Ryan.  After redshirting his freshman year Ryan played in all 13 of Michigan’s games the following season.  He led the team in tackles the year after (2012 season) with 88 and was chosen to wear the Bennie Oosterbaan #47 legends jersey.


Unfortunately his playing time last year was limited due to an ACL injury in spring practice, but he still managed to rehab in time to make an impact later in the season.  As a linebacker Ryan has earned a reputation for seemingly being everywhere on the field, involving himself in key plays throughout the game.  Revisiting this picture from Michigan’s 2012 game against Air Force, it’s no surprise.  Who wouldn’t be so eager to get their hands on a homemade cronut?

Benne (Sesame) Butter Cookies

So here’s a pretty neat achievement: while sitting on my couch Saturday night I scored as many points against Notre Dame as the Michigan football team.  Problem is, that number is 0.  After that tire fire of a football game I had to brush my teeth to get the awful taste out of my mouth (also, I was about to go to bed, but that’s a minor detail).  But good news, these cookies will cheer you right up and remind you of the sweet taste of victory that great games like the 2011 UM-ND brought.


It was almost a year ago that I received a collection of flours from friends for my birthday.  I was completely baffled by what to do with the small bag of bennecake flour since I had never even heard of it.  After some searching around I learned it is ground up benne seeds, which is another name for sesame seeds.  Some sources said they have different oil contents, but ostensibly they are the same.  Benne is the name of the seed as it is known in countries in West Africa, from where it was brought to the U.S. with the slave trade in the 17th century.

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Photoshop Phriday: Devin Funchess

I’ve been running Photoshop Phriday posts since February but this is the first football season to happen since they started.  Last year I did a few pictures that are now in the gallery and generally I’ll use pictures from the game the week before.  Most often these are from Bryan Fuller who takes incredible pictures at U of M football games (most often) for the popular site MGoBlog.  Though I didn’t watch any of last week’s game while I was in Seattle I did look through pictures and found some truly great ones of Devin Funchess.  The Devin (Gardner) to Devin (Funchess) connections appears to be the next big thing this year for Michigan.  Three of Gardner’s 13 completions last Saturday went for touchdowns to Funchess.


Funchess played every game as a true freshman (starting almost half) as a tight end.  His sophomore year they listed him again as a tight end despite him being used like a wide receiver.  This year, he has officially made the switch on the depth chart.  Another equally big (if not bigger) change is this year he has switched from the number 87 Ron Kramer jersey to #1.  It has been 10 years since a Michigan WR wore #1, the last being Braylon Edwards.  Typically it has been reserved for the team’s best receiver and with this catch of a delicious chocolate stout with fresh cherries and hazelnuts Funchess showed he might have what it takes.

Maple Cornbread Waffles

Inevitably almost every weekend my wife and I will find ourselves sitting around thinking, “what should we make this week?”.  Given how many recipes I have bookmarked that I still haven’t tried you would think this would be an easy question to answer.  And yet somehow it isn’t.  Sometimes there will be recipes I find that we make a week later, other times things will flounder about in my bookmarks tab only to be rediscovered months later.


This recipe fell into the worst category of all, the “things I really want to make and haven’t forgotten about but just haven’t gotten around to yet”.  I’ve had these waffles bookmarked for 6 months.  And after taking one bite I immediately regretted missing out on 6 months in which I could have been eating these waffles.

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Photoshop Phriday: Fielding Yost

Michigan’s football season opens up tomorrow against a team that shall not be named (in a game that should never have been scheduled) and having highlighted other coaching icons before it seems appropriate to wind back the clock a century and look at one of the first Michigan coaching greats, Fielding Yost.  Yost led Michigan’s football team from 1901 to 1923 (and a few years here and there after) and oversaw one of the most dominant era’s of college sports.  Yost’s teams did not lose a game from 1901 to 1904 en route to 4 national titles.  These teams were referred to as ‘point a minute’, since in 1901 they outscored opponents 550-0, and in five seasons they scored almost 3,000 points while giving up fewer than 50.


Michigan has long held the record for most all time college football wins and while this has taken decades of consistency to maintain, they certainly got off to a great start with Yost.  After coaching Yost because the athletic director and spearheaded the construction of Michigan Stadium.  He battled with administrators who felt that athletics had no place at a university and as a result independently financed the stadium with donations and selling bonds.  There is a pretty interesting book that combed through the university archives to piece together the entire story.  Yost’s vision for Michigan created a strong foundation on which over the next several decades a succession of coaches and ADs (like Don Canham) would build upon to create one of the country’s most successful athletic programs (so try not to alienate too many people, Dave).